Brio Chinotto Soda


In 1957 three Italians migrated to Canada and really missed their flavor drinks from home, especially the Chinotto, a unique flavor extracted from a sour, bitter orange that grows on Italian and Maltese soils and is used to make soft drinks, and even though they had no experience in making soft drinks, but they were determined to bring their unique home flavors to Canada.

They imported the Chinotto extract from Italy but made the final product in Toronto, adding their own touch to the drink, mixing not only the ingredients from the two worlds, but also their experiences, the old and the new, and that is how the Brio Chinotto you know today came to be. They named it Brio as the meaning of the word represents the essence of the drink itself, the energy, the vibrancy, the fun, the vivacity, and the boldness.

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