Papparedelle and White Beans

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Pasta e Fagioli con Asiago

  Serves 4 People



  • Cover the beans with water and soak overnight
  • Cook the beans until tender, drain and reserve the cooking liquid
  • Pass half of the beans through a sieve or food mill
  • Infuse half of the olive oil with the pureed garlic
  • Squeeze the tomatoes to a pulp and add to the infused oil
  • Gently cook for 20 minutes
  • Add both the whole and sieved beans, combine and continue simmering for 5 minutes
  • Add the chicken stock and some of the reserved bean cooking liquid, to desired consistency
  • Add the cooked pasta until just heated through, about one minute
  • Adjust the seasoning, add the chopped parsley, grated Asiago cheese and some extra virgin olive oil